Feedback for Lucy

‘Lucy is hilarious, incisive and just plain brilliant…the arse-kicking superhero of screenwriting!’

Jade Syed-Bokhari, Filmmaker


‘As a writer I felt inspired and more sure of what was expected from my work.  As a potential script reader, I discovered that there was a lot I could do straight away to improve my ability, as well as the possibility of finding work’.

Bhairavi Patel, Writer/Script Supervisor


‘Lucy was great!  She’s one of my new heroes!’

Shabazz Graham, Filmmaker


‘Stimulating!  Fun!  Inspirational!’

Chris Lakeman Fraser, Filmmaker


‘A fantastic weekend packed with useful and actionable information from a script expert, I would highly recommend this course’.

Clare Wilcox, Screenwriter


‘I made a dozen brilliant connections with like-minded people and industry people who I hope will be invaluable in the future’.

Chris Sutcliffe, Writer


‘I now know exactly how to structure a report and what areas of it I need to improve on.  I also have more confidence in contacting industry professionals.

Alizee Musson, Writer


‘An engaging, interesting and exciting insight into a role I hadn’t realized was so important.’

Hannah Mark, Student


‘Lucy’s knowledge and energy is inspirational!’

Vera Mark, Writer


‘The course content really helped clarify what I need to do with my own scripts to make them stronger.  Also it revealed the logical stepping stones for career progression if you want to work in the script development/editing industry’.

Jennifer Kildee Murphy, Screenwriter


‘Wonderful to have two whole days out of your writing life to reconsider the story writing process.  It could change the way that I approach writing forever!’

Hannah Piekarz, Writer 


‘Lucy Hay takes no prisoners! Never mind fast and furious, Lucy is faster and furiouser!’

Kerry Reynolds, Writer


‘Lucy is a powerhouse of energy and knowledge, very impressive!’

Natalie Ekberg, Screenwriter


‘Lucy’s excellent advice has really improved my understanding of what readers look for in a script, which will help massively as both a Script Reader and also a Writer’.

Simon Harper, Writer


‘I feel equipped with the tools to further pursue Script Reading and excited by the possibilities and opportunities ahead’.

Maddy Brook, Casting Assistant/Assistant Producer


‘I have found that learning what a reader is looking for has made me re-focus on making my own writing more ‘industry relevant’’.

Michael van Koetsveld, Writer/Director/Editor


‘Lucy knows her stuff and gives it to you damn straight.  But she also really cares about you and your baby – you’re in good hands!’

Declan Hill, Producer/Writer

‘Mind-opening weekend with great guests.  Lucy is a fabulous communicator and really knows her stuff.  If you haven’t taken this course – do it!’

Simon Wright, Producer


‘I wrote a micro-script on my way home after day one!’

Suzie Chadwick, Writer


‘It doesn’t matter who you are, this course gives you confidence that Script Reading/Editing can be a part of your future’.

Christopher Hewitt, Screenwriter/Director


‘I’m ready now! This course is the perfect stepping stone from university to the real world of film and television. Recommend!’

Elzbieta Kotze, Screenwriter


‘This was a really illuminating, fascinating two days. Lucy definitely knows her stuff, is clearly passionate about reading and explains everything in easy to understand terms’.

Nick Kirby, Screenwriter


‘I met loads a great and interesting people, it was a fantastic networking opportunity’.

Sarah Minchin

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